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Moldovan Delegation Visit

13 Apr 2016 8:22 PM | Anonymous

A Moldovan delegation, comprising of government officials with a diaspora and migration mandate, visited ALWEHDAH on 13 April 2016, during their 5-day study trip to Singapore. This effort was supported by the Global Joint IOM/ UNDP Programme “Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies”, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). 

The study visit sought to support the relevant Moldovan Government agencies in increasing the institutional coherence and efficiency of the collaboration between the different levels of public authorities and the private sector; and also in developing an effective public-private cooperation mechanism, successfully enabling the engagement of the private sector towards achieving Migration & Development goals, building on the lessons learned from Singapore's experiences.

In the private session with ALWEHDAH committee members, the Moldovan delegation discussed the following topics of interest:

  • The Yemeni diaspora in Singapore: main considerations, overview and forging of mutual fruitful partnerships benefitting the communities in the homeland (Yemen);
  • The development of initiatives, enhancing the capacity of the Yemeni diaspora in Singapore as partners in socio-economic development of their home country; and
  • The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between Alwehdah and UNDP Yemen, supporting the mutual collaboration to promote Yemen our Home projects of interest to the Yemeni Diaspora in South East Asia and fundraise for their implementation.   

Dr. Saadaldeen Talib, Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP Yemen, was also present to share the history of the Hadrami Diaspora to the East Asian region and Singapore, and the success behind how the diaspora in these regions have managed to maintain close relations with Hadramis despite migration out of Yemen for hundreds of years.

The Moldovan delegation comprised of the following individuals:

  • Mr. Eremei Priseajniuc, State Advisor to the Prime Minister of Moldova
  • Mr. Antonio Polosa, Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission to Moldova
  • Mr. Ghenadie Cretu, Migration and Development Program Coordinator, IOM Mission to Moldova
  • Mr. Valeriu Turea, Head of the Bureau for Relations with the Diaspora of the State Chancellery
  • Mr. Dorin Toma,  Head of the Program and Analysis Department, Bureau for Relations with the Diaspora of the State Chancellery

At the end of the session, the Moldovan delegation expressed their sincere appreciation for the efforts of the ALWEHDAH committee in hosting them for the sharing session. In particular, Mr. Polosa expressed a keen interest in engaging ALWEHDAH for future IOM events, especially to share the best practices of the Singapore Hadrami diaspora in establishing and successfully maintaining relations with their homeland.


Moldovan delegation with ALWEHDAH committee members


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